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Social Capital begins the process of Synergy “Building the Bridge Together”


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Awareness Projects Community involvement is all about Awareness.

Accord1 can facilitate your needs of diversity/awareness for your team. We use valuable and proven methods to maximize the effectiveness of Social Capital for your program or outreach. 

What is Synergy


Synergy, in this perspective can offer the solution. “The term Synergy describes the pattern by which phenomena relates to each other including how people relate to each other and other phenomena. A synergistic pattern brings phenomena together interrelating them, creating an often unexpected, new, and greater result from the disparate, seemingly conflicting parts.” Synergy, Healing and Empowerment Richard Katz 2012

Dr. Christena Cleveland stated in a recent post called Why should I listen to people who disagree with me? “Indeed, group theorists agree that groups tend to make better decisions when they are composed of diverse people who offer diverse viewpoints. Further, in terms of impacting the larger world, it’s possible that other groups possess resources and expertise that can help make the

world a better place.”"

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